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FOUST Newsletter: April 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction / Alumni Regatta NOR / Regatta Results / EDHEC

Team members and alumni on the UCLA boat at the Course Crosiere EDHEC in France. From left: Oscar Jasklowski ('11), Gabe Monti ('15), Erica Parker ('14), Justina Leo ('15), Allison Skager ('15), Billy Edwards ('12). Photo credit: Morgan Glier ('11).

Dear Friends,

In this issue, we have a Notice of Race for the Alumni Regatta, spring regatta results including Coed and Women’s PCCs, and a quick recap of the Course Crosiere EDHEC - UCLA’s annual voyage to France for a major European college keelboat regatta.

We’re hoping to see all of you at the Alumni Regatta on Sunday, May 26 (Memorial Day weekend). If you RSVP on facebook or send us an email, we’ll be sure to have food for you. This will be the fifth year of the present incarnation of the alumni regatta so let’s make it the best yet!

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FOUST Newsletter: February 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction / Big Announcements / Regatta Recaps / Coming Up Next


Emelia Pelliccio ('13) and Erica Parker ('14) debut UCLA's BRAND NEW FJ at South 3 in Newport.

Dear Friends,

We’ve been slacking lately at FOUST, but we’re back! With big news! See below for announcements about the Alumni Regatta (we have a date!), a NEW BOAT, and fundraising success. This issue includes regatta results for the first couple months of 2013 and a preview of what to look forward to for the rest of the spring, including the annual France trip.

Photo credit goes to Nora Brackbill (’13) for the action shots from South 3. We’re trying something new with this issue: you can click through most of the photos to higher resolution versions. This is something we want to keep working on in the coming months.

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FOUST Newsletter: November 2012

UCLA sailors in race gear. From left: Emelia Pelliccio ('13), Peter Bailey ('15), Erica Parker ('14), Louise Lehman ('14).

Dear Friends,

There weren’t too many regattas this month, but we do have results from the regatta formerly known as North/South, the fall PCCSC dinghy championships in Santa Barbara. Since it’s just one regatta, we’ll give it to you up front instead of a separate section below. UCLA took 17th in this three-division regatta, with Emelia Pellicio (’13) and Erica Parker (’14) in A Division, Gabe Monti (’15) and Carly Olenick (’13) in B Division, and Peter Bailey (’15) sailing a laser in C Division. Stanford won this one easily, finishing with less than half the points of second place Hawaii. For the Bruins, Emelia and Erica finished on a strong note in an otherwise tough regatta, taking third in the final A Division race.

One of the most frequent questions we get at FOUST is whether we have UCLA Sailing gear for sale. Although the answer is still not yet (but hopefully soon!), the team is bringing you the next best thing: a chance to get jackets embroidered with a UCLA sailing logo. (For real this time.) The Henri Lloyd jackets that the team is getting are apparently sold out, but alumni can order whatever jackets you want as long as you get them to Westwood before December 15. Embroidery will cost about $15, plus the cost of shipping to you after they’re embroidered. We would also encourage anyone who takes advantage of this opportunity to consider a donation to the team in return for their effort dealing with this. Please email us ASAP if you’d like to get something embroidered and we’ll give you the address to send it to.

In other news, we’ve got a fundraising pitch from team captains Emelia and Erica for the team’s upcoming regatta in France, the Course Croisiére EDHEC. This keelboat regatta has become an annual tradition for UCLA, where the Bruins represent the U.S. at the largest college sailing event in the world. Please consider helping out if you can. Finally, we have the story of three UCLA sailing alumni who are starting a business to improve the distillation of sodabe (palm sap liquor) in Benin, West Africa, and import it to the U.S., while also improving the lives of local farmers.

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FOUST Newsletter: May 2012

Representatives of the UCLA Sailing Team at the Course Croisiere EDHEC in France. UCLA took 17th, its best result yet in five years of attending this international event.

Dear Friends,

Sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while, but we’ve been saving up for an issue you won’t want to miss. See below for alumni regatta updates, including an NOR, and two social events for Memorial Day weekend in addition to the regatta itself. We also have results from Coed, Women’s, and Team Race PCCs. Finally, a recap from team captain Billy Edwards of UCLA’s fifth straight year participating the the Edhec Cup in France, where the Bruins got their best results yet.

Can’t wait to see you all in Marina del Rey on May 27!

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April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This is the first of what, going forward, will be a monthly newsletter. We’ve got information about the alumni regatta, a big thank you to the parents whose donations secured a new trailer for the team, not one but two season recaps, and a profile of FOUST member Bobby Gordon (’08), this month’s featured alum.

One result that everyone needs to see, even if you don’t read this whole email: UCLA won the South 5 regatta!! If we had the resources, we would be throwing parades and gladiatorial games for these guys. Since we don’t, we’ll just say congratulations.

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The ladies' team at Bryson.