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FOUST Newsletter: June 2015

2015 Regatta

Dear Friends,

First, an enthusiastic thank you to everyone who made it out to the 2015 Alumni Regatta! We had very high participation from current team members and alumni alike—see below for Bill Edwards’ more detailed synopsis of the weekend.

This year, the team aims to purchase either two gently used practice boats or one brand new racing boat. We’ll provide updates on their progress towards that goal over the next year.

On that note, if you are new to FOUST or didn’t get a chance to renew your FOUST membership, you can do that and/or donate here.

I’m also happy to announce our new FOUST officers for the year. Neha Bazaj will return as our trusty treasurer. Sam Wheeler and myself resume our alternating posts as president and vice president, respectively, and Erica Parker and Louise Lehman will co-serve as secretary. Finally, graduating senior Kimberly Alcorn will serve as team liaison.

The team has also elected their new officers, carrying on a tradition I’m particularly proud of—female leadership! Senior Kylie Sullivan and junior Sarah Wyman will serve as co-captains. Congratulations, ladies!

This year, some of our goals for FOUST are to provide more frequent but shorter email updates, make some cool swag for purchase, get more alumni and friends involved, and of course, raise plenty of cold hard cash for the team.

Happy sailing,
Lyzz Schwegler

UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2007
Vice President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

2015 Alumni Regatta Recap


Thanks to Bill for contributing most of this epic recap.

With over 50 attendees participating in twenty races, the 2015 UCLA Sailing Team Alumni Regatta was a screaming success. Current team members, alumni, and friends converged on our old home turf at the Marina Aquatic Center, hailing from as far as the east coast.

For the day, we were transported back to any one of the countless afternoons we spent sailing an FJ with our best friends, sun on our back, breeze on our shoulder. Some of us even got to wander around with absurd facial hair! A compilation of photos from the event can be found here.

The day began with fleet racing under a steady 7-knot breeze. With sailors rotating in and out of boats after every couple races, the Race Committee ran 10 races. This year, we implemented a four race minimum for award consideration to address a crafty tradition of sailing only one race and then sneaking off to keep averages high (I’m lookin’ at you Oscar!).

With eight boats on the line for every race, the ultimate fleet racing champions were:

First Place: Judge Ryan (UCLA transfer to Brown ’14, sailing 4 races, average of 1.25)
Second Place: Ben Pedrick (Stanford ’10, sailing 4 races, average of 2.25)
Third Place: Sam Wheeler (UCLA ’08, sailing 4 races, average of 2.75)

After fleet racing, we had enough enthusiasm to build six teams and sail 10 races. Though we didn’t finish all the races we wanted to, we all agreed that there was one team that was clearly on top:

Sarah Macpherson (UCLA ’18), Emelia Pelliccio (UCLA 13’), and Judge Ryan put together four flawless races and were proclaimed the winners.

For the first year ever, the day’s winners received UCLA Sailing First Place trophy pint glasses, provided by Vlad Mikulich (big thanks for his continuing support of the sailing team!).

While many people helped to organize races and get people off the docks, current Sailing Team Captain Kylie Sullivan (UCLA ’16) also deserves a huge thank you for managing the race committee boat and making sure that we always had a top notch course.

While we were exceptionally pleased with the turn-out at the event this year, we greatly missed those who couldn’t make it. To those who who planned to attend but couldn’t due to personal emergencies, our thoughts are with you we’re all to sending good vibes your direction. Those of you slackers that didn’t make it for less legitimate reasons, get your act together next year! We want to see you!

Following tradition, over 30 regatta participants converged at the Schweglers’ lovely home in Long Beach, where much food and drinks were had, along with the annual alumni wrestling match and the second annual Three Man competition. Many thanks to the Schweglers for another memorable evening.

Regatta Photos

Check out this photo album featuring shots from Bill and Harsh Shah!

Regatta Video

Also check out this great video of the afternoon from graduating senior Kieran Hashmi!

FOUST Newsletter: October 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction / Alumni Jackets / Pacheco Awards / High Sierra / Schedule / Gossip

Hardwood hardware

Bruins and friends take home the hardware at the 2013 High Sierra Regatta. From left: Ryan Lorence (UCSD '07) and Danielle Ryan (UCLA '09), Anna Schoenbrunner (UCLA '11) and Ben Pedrick (Stanford '11), and Lyzz Schwegler (UCLA '07) and Sam Wheeler (UCLA '08).

Dear Friends,

After a not-entirely-intentional summer hiatus, we are back with an alumni-focused October newsletter. Read on for the latest on ordering jackets (Danielle’s taking over, so it’s actually happening), the 2013 Pacheco winners, this summer’s High Sierra Regatta, the fall racing schedule, and some personal updates regarding a few of our recent alumni.

The team has been busy with their summer recruiting efforts and getting ready for the Frosh/Soph regatta next weekend, so they’ve got plenty to update us on but have had their hands full lately – all the more so because, being college students, everyone was scattered for the summer. We’re hoping that the next issue will bring you a lot more about what is going on with them, but there is one update we can pass along right now: the team is in debt. This is not a dire situation – they have yet to collect fall dues, which are usually enough to cover operating expenses – but at this moment the team is about $100 in the red.

If you can, please consider making a donation to help put the team on more secure financial footing. You can find instructions for donating on the FOUST website here. As always, please send us an email if you decide to donate, so we can make sure your contribution finds its way to the right place.