Fall 2010 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

In this issue, we’ve got a new fundraising goal, an alumni barbeque (!!!) in the Bay Area, upcoming fall regattas, and profiles of the UCLA Sailing Team officers for 2010-2011.

We’d love to see everyone who can make it at the barbeque on October 3, hosted by a local alumnus. We also want to get as many alumni out to support the team at the Stoney Burke Regatta on October 16 and 17.

Hope you’ve all had a great summer with a lot of chances to get out on the water!

Sam Wheeler
UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2008
President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

1.  FUNDRAISING GOAL – New Trailer

Everyone familiar with the trailer that the team is using right now knows that they badly need a new one.

Our goal is to help make that happen by the time of the 2011 Alumni Regatta.

Monetary goal: $2,500.

Ultimate goal:  A trailer similar to this and this, but with some minor customizations to fit the needs of the team.

Stay tuned for more outreach about this, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in making a contribution.

2.  ALUMNI BBQ!! – October 3

When:  October 3, 6:00 PM

Where:  1472 Sandpiper Spit, Richmond, CA

What to bring: Swimwear, $25 suggested donation

RSVP: foustsupport@gmail.com

Kers Clausen, who sailed for UCLA in 1968-69, has kindly invited our alumni community to his home on the water in Richmond.  Expect some great food, great people, a pool, a hot tub, and maybe even some sailing.

Please consider making a contribution to FOUST/the team, but if you don’t have the money to spare right now, don’t let that keep you from coming.


We would really like to get a strong alumni turnout for Stoney Burke, on October 16 and 17.  It’s the biggest fall regatta not located in Santa Barbara, and a great chance to meet the new recruits (including rock star freshman Judge Ryan), hang out with alumni, flex your coaching muscles, and help the team start the season off right. Don’t forget your lawn chairs, and Lyzz and Sam will bring the grill!
If you can make it to a few other regattas, too, that’s even better!

Sept. 24-26: Singlehand Championships, Long Beach

Oct. 2-3: Bryson Women’s, Redwood City (watch the girls team race on Sunday, and then head across the bay for the BBQ!)

Oct. 16-17: Stoney Burke, Treasure Island Sailing Center
Oct. 23-24: Frosh/Soph, Mission Bay Yacht Club
Oct. 30-31: Women’s Fall Championships, Redwood City
Nov. 6-7: Team Race Scrimmage, Santa Barbara
Nov. 13-14: Coed Fall Championships (North/South), Santa Barbara
More information available from the PCCSC website.
4.  OFFICER PROFILES – UCLA Sailing Team 2010-2011

Carmen Bozina, Captain:
My name’s Carmen Bozina. I am approaching my fourth and last year on the sailing team as a skipper. I was captain for the tail end of my sophomore year (filling in for Mark Anders who traveled abroad), my junior year, and am finishing out my office in my final year. This year is going to be awesome.  

Billy BöomStacks Edwards, Captain:
My name is Billy “Boomstacks” Edwards and I am going into my fourth of five years majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This is my first year as one of the team captains after serving as the Secretary last year. I grew up sailing catamarans in Southern California. I’m excited to kick off my third year as a skipper!

Drew Morton, Personnel Officer:
My name is Drew Morton, and I am a fourth year (in denial) majoring in Neuroscience and looking to enter Medical School next. This is my third year as the team’s Personnel Officer. With this role, I organize practices, rides (drivers and cars), and recruitment. I began sailing in Northern California in the small El Toros, and I am now a skipper with the team 

Anna Schönbrunner, Treasurer:
My name is Anna Schoenbrunner and I am a fourth year. I will be the team treasurer this year. I spent my junior year abroad at St Andrews University in Scotland and sailed there as well. I am looking forward to my last year of sailing at UCLA as a crew–in warm weather!

Shannon Walker, Safety Officer:
Hi! My name is Shannon Walker and I’m a senior at UCLA studying environmental science. I am the safety officer for the team this year, and was also the safety officer my sophomore year. I grew up sailing in Dana Point, California in sabots mostly, and now I’m a skipper for the women’s team!

Carly Olenick, Fundraising:
My name is Carly Olenick; I’m a second year studying Levantine archaeology. I’m in charge of fundraising this year. I grew up sailing J-120s in San Diego, and I’m a crew on the team.

Emelia Pelliccio, Secretary:
Oh hey, my name is Emelia Pelliccio, and I am a second year biochemistry major. I am secretary of the team this year – my first year as an officer. When I was little I sailed optis, JY’s (basically the same as FJ’s) and fooled around in cats, but I never sailed competitively until I joined the UCLA team. Right now I am a crew but I am definitely interested in becoming a skipper. :)

Caitlin Harrington, Social Chair:
2nd year. I am returning Social Chair after taking over the position during Winter Quarter last year.  I mostly crew but am learning how to skipper.

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