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The Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team is a support organization for the UCLA Sailing Team, and an officially recognized UCLA Alumni Association support group. Our goal is to provide financial and logistical support to the UCLA Sailing Team, stay in touch with old teammates and friends, and meet new ones.

If you are interested in joining FOUST, we ask that you first please read our bylaws carefully. These outline our mission, structure, member rights, and voting procedures.

Do you know anything about the team's history? We are trying to build a timeline and history of the team, which has been largely scattered over the years. Any information is appreciated (especially dates & names), such as when and how you personally were invovled with the team, who the captain / coach was, regattas you attended, hosted, or other momentous events during your involvement (boats acquired, named, or lost, whalers flipped, trailers destroyed, championships won or even attended, membership increased or decreased, etc.). You can also email this information if you prefer.
Please enter the name and contact information of anyone you feel may be interested in the Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team! If you only have a name or outdated contact info, that is enough-- we will try to find them!

Now, please pay dues!


We do not expect an exorbitant level of commitment of time or finances from our members, but we DO require a small annual dues fee, which right now is set at $25. Because this is considered dues, by law it is not tax deductible. However, any donations or contributions to the team through the UCLA Foundation are tax deductible. You can find more information on donating at our Support page.  Dues are used solely for the operating expenses for FOUST, which include website maintenance, our annual regatta, and other events. If FOUST has more funds than it needs, any excess will be transferred to the team.