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1932: UCLA students John Biby, Bill Cooper and Richard Moore win gold medals at the Olympics in Los Angeles as crew on Owen Churchill’s eight-meter Angelita. Biby and Moore sail with Churchill on Angelita again over fifty years later, restored to serve as flagship for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
1932: Antonia Churchill competes in eight-meter class in 1936 Olympics.
1945: UCLA Sailing Club established.
1953: UCLA wins PCCs.
1954: Lewis Bedford wins B Division at college nationals; UCLA places 3rd overall.
c. 1955: UCLA faces lack of funds and lack of local competition.
1957: UCLA places fifth at “the collegiate championships” (may have been a west coast event).
c. 1967: Marina Aquatic Center is built.
1977: UCLA wins PCCs; Mark Rastello selected as All American.
1978: UCLA wins PCCs and national college championship (Henry A. Morss Trophy); Rastello and Allan Jewett selected as All Americans.
1979: UCLA wins overall and both divisions at PCCs; Phil Ramming selected as All American.
1983: UCLA fields a Transpac entry.
c. 1990: Boat falls off trailer on I-5 unnoticed, never recovered.
1999: Gwen Garnett selected as All-PCIYRA women’s skipper; Kevin Richards selected as All-PCIYRA coed skipper and wins district sportsmanship award.
2000: Richards and Garnett again selected for All-PCIYRA teams.
2001: UCLA named as up-and-coming program by Sailing World magazine.
2004: Events commemorated by the annual Wheel Party transpire.
2005: Major expansion of team; many current traditions begin.
2008: First UCLA entry in the Course Croisiere EDHEC international regatta in France.
2009: FOUST established; first iteration of annual alumni regatta in its current form.
2011: UCLA wins A Division at PCCs and qualifies for national semifinals; three Bruins selected for All-PCCSC teams.

1955-1956: John Axel “Jack” Taylor
1957: Paul Renfree (spring) & Lewis Bedford (fall)
1971-1972: Richard Loewy
1972-1973: Richard Loewy
1983: Dick Davidson
1990-1991: Dean Borton & Toshio Utsumi
1991-1992: Aaron Wangenheim
1992-1993: Dave Thompson
1993-1994: Dan Caplan
1994-1995: Angel O’Mahony
1995-1996: Angel O’Mahony
1996-1997: Ossi Saarela (& Tony Mansour?)
1997-1998: Ossi Saarela
1998-1999: Kevin Richards
1999-2000: Kevin Richards
2000-2001: Gwen Garnett
2001-2002: Eve Cohen
2002-2003: Eve Cohen
2003-2004: Tom Hartmann
2004-2005: Kelly Rogers
2005-2006: Matt Sirignano & Lyzz Schwegler
2006-2007: Lyzz Schwegler & Sam Wheeler
2007-2008: Sam Wheeler & Kelly Kephart
2008-2009: Kelly Kephart & Mark Anders (fall) & Carmen Bozina (spring)
2009-2010: Mark Anders & Carmen Bozina
2010-2011: Carmen Bozina & Billy Edwards
2011-2012: Billy Edwards & Emelia Pelliccio
2012-2013: Emelia Pelliccio & Erica Parker
2013-2014: Erica Parker & Gabriel Monti
2014-2015: Gabriel Monti & Kylie Sullivan
2015-2016: Kylie Sullivan & Sarah Wyman

2010-2011: Judge Ryan (’14)
2011-2012: Erica Parker (’14) & Peter Bailey (’15)
2012-2013: Emelia Pelliccio (’13)

Rookie of the Year
2005-2006: Kelly Kephart (’09)
2006-2007: Mark Anders (’10)
2007-2008: Carmen Bozina (’11)
2008-2009: Oscar Jasklowski (’11)
2010-2011: Erica Parker (’14)
2011-2012: Zack Chin (’15)
2012-2013: Anoop Galivanche (’16)

Most Dedicated
2006-2007: Matt Sirignano (’07)
2010-2011: Carmen Bozina (’11)
2011-2012: Louise Lehman (’14)
2012-2013: Gabriel Monti (’15)

Most Improved
2005-2006: Matt Sirignano (’07)
2009-2010: Oscar Jasklowski (’11)
2010-2011: Oscar Jasklowski (’11)
2011-2012: Emelia Pelliccio (’13)
2012-2013: Justina Leo (’15)

Personnel: Drew Morton
Treasurer: Morgan Glier
Secretary: Danielle Ryan
Social: Joana Que

Personnel: Drew Morton
Secretary: Billy Edwards
Safety: Oscar Jasklowski
Boat Management: Richard Fuller
Social: Taryn Aguiar & Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi

Personnel: Drew Morton
Treasurer: Anna Schoenbrunner
Safety: Shannon Walker
Fundraising: Carly Olenick
Secretary: Emelia Pelliccio
Social: Caitlin Harrington

Treasurer: Erica Parker
Safety: Judge Ryan
Social: Amy Stuyvesant

Treasurer: Nora Brackbill
Social: Amy Stuyvesant
Technology: Louise Lehman
Recruiting: Zack Chin
Safety: Gabriel Monti

While we get together our own history of the team, please check out the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center’s History of UCLA Sailing (note: page is archived and not fully functional).