About Us

Welcome to the official website of Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team! We’re glad you’ve stopped by.

Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team (FOUST) is an official  UCLA support group. Our mission is to provide financial and logistical support to the UCLA Sailing Team, keep informed and involved with the current sailing team, stay in touch with old teammates and friends, and meet new ones.

For the founding members of FOUST, as with most students who have been part of the UCLA Sailing Team, leaving the team was one of the most difficult aspects of graduation. Many people have similar histories with sports teams, where shared experience and shared struggle create a bond of friendship that is unlike any other. We believe that the UCLA Sailing Team is truly a special instance of this phenomenon– for us, our teammates were and are one big, crazy family.

In an effort to help sustain and expand the competitive and communal experience that we enjoyed on the team, upon graduating we decided it was finally time to create a permanent organization for  sailing team alumni and friends. For the alumni, we hope this will be a forum for us to stay cohesive and involved with the team that we all love so dearly. For the “friends,” we hope this will be a way to become involved and stay informed with something that is an important part of the lives of your family members and fellow sailors.

FOUST publishes a monthly e-newsletter about the team, organizes an annual alumni (and friends) regatta in Marina del Rey, and is open to anyone interested in the UCLA Sailing Team.  Please join!