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Alumni Regatta Survey

Jump!        (might as well jump)

This was last year. When’s it happening this year?

Interested in coming to the alumni regatta?  Fill out our survey here!  We are taking votes for Memorial Day weekend and the weekends before and after, but the final decision will also depend on what works best for the MAC and the team.   Survey closes on Sunday, March 9.

If you’re currently on the team there’s a different survey for you here.


State of the Team/New FOUST System

Hi everyone, the post below (by our Team Liaison, Nora Brackbill) marks the start of a new system from FOUST.  Going forward, instead of monthly newsletters (or every other month, or “wait, we haven’t sent a newsletter in 5 months??”) we will be publishing posts to the website as soon as they are available, and sending out a quarterly digest consolidating those updates.  Hope you enjoy it!  -Sam


It’s about time for an update from the UCLA Sailing Team! They wrapped up South 3-4 in Irvine this past weekend, and have South 5 and St. Francis left before the season wraps up. The varsity team is comprised of an all-senior A-division, Erica Parker and Louise Lehman, and an all-freshman B-division, Elizabeth Hays and Sarah Wyman. They have a strong freshman class this year, with lots of enthusiastic new sailors to keep the team going. Thanks to Mary Snow for helping out with coaching at South 1-2. Continue reading