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FOUST Newsletter: June 2013

Introduction / Alumni Regatta / Class of 2013 / EDHEC / FOUST Officers

Some of the participants at the 2013 Alumni Regatta

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the 2013 Alumni Regatta! We had a record turnout this year with more than fifty team members, alumni, friends, and family in attendance.

Dear Friends,

We have a monster newsletter for you this month. First, a recap of the Alumni Regatta by FOUST’s new secretary Oscar Jasklowski (’11). We had a record turnout this year with more than fifty people showing up to sail, catch up, and enjoy some good food and the perfect Marina del Rey weather. You can watch in-boat videos from a few of the team races on our website. The team revealed the until-now secret name of the new boat, and I am still blown away by their choice (thank you guys!). Huge thanks to the team, the Marina Aquatic Center, the Schweglers, and everyone else who made this event a huge success.

Next up, profiles of the Class of 2013. These four sailors have made enormous contributions to the team over the last four years, and we wish them the best in life after UCLA.

We also have a recap of the Edhec regatta in France from Billy Edwards (’12), and finally profiles of FOUST’s officer corps for the coming year, with Nora Brackbill (’13) and Oscar are joining the team. For our outgoing officers, Billy Edwards and Lyzz Schwegler (’07), I want to personally say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for FOUST – especially Lyzz, who has been part of this since the beginning, serving as President or Vice President for almost five years straight. Both Lyzz and Billy will of course continue to be involved with FOUST and the team – I’m not sure what we’d do without them.

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Alumni Regatta Videos

We put a GoPro camera in one of the boats this year, so even if you couldn’t make it to the regatta you can still jump into a few of the team races. Check the descriptions on YouTube for what happened in each race. Enjoy!


Oscar Jasklowski (’11) and Louise Lehman (’14):

Scott Barber (’11) and Louise, race 1:

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