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Bruins and friends take home the hardware at the 2013 High Sierra Regatta. From left: Ryan Lorence (UCSD '07) and Danielle Ryan (UCLA '09), Anna Schoenbrunner (UCLA '11) and Ben Pedrick (Stanford '11), and Lyzz Schwegler (UCLA '07) and Sam Wheeler (UCLA '08).


Dear Friends,

After a not-entirely-intentional summer hiatus, we are back with an alumni-focused October newsletter. Read on for the latest on ordering jackets (Danielle's taking over, so it's actually happening), the 2013 Pacheco winners, this summer's High Sierra Regatta, the fall racing schedule, and some personal updates regarding a few of our recent alumni.

The team has been busy with their summer recruiting efforts and getting ready for the Frosh/Soph regatta next weekend, so they've got plenty to update us on but have had their hands full lately - all the more so because, being college students, everyone was scattered for the summer. We're hoping that the next issue will bring you a lot more about what is going on with them, but there is one update we can pass along right now: the team is in debt. This is not a dire situation - they have yet to collect fall dues, which are usually enough to cover operating expenses - but at this moment the team is about $100 in the red.

If you can, please consider making a donation to help put the team on more secure financial footing. You can find instructions for donating on the FOUST website here. As always, please send us an email if you decide to donate, so we can make sure your contribution finds its way to the right place.

Hope everyone had a great summer!

Sam Wheeler
UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2008
President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

jacket order...

We've been talking about doing an alumni jacket order for a long time, and so far I (Sam) have dropped the ball on it. No more. Our new vice president Danielle Ryan ('09) is taking over, so this is actually going to happen this time. Here's the plan: instead of trying to agree on one jacket for everyone, you order the jacket you want and have it shipped to Danielle. She will coordinate embroidering the jackets with a UCLA Sailing logo on the left chest, a brand new UCLA Sailing Team burgee on the back collar, and your graduation year (if applicable).

Two popular choices are the Gill Crew Jacket (pictured in navy) and the Gill Softshell Jacket (pictured in white). But if you'd prefer something else, go wild and find the jacket that works for you.

You can ship the jacket of your choice to Danielle at her work address:

Danielle Ryan c/o Marsh
345 California Street, 9th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104

And of course please email us if you're participating in this order so we know to expect your jacket. We will have a price for the embroidery and a design for the burgee available soon.

pacheco winners...
Nora Brackbill ('13), FOUST Team Liaison

The prestigious Pacheco awards, named for an alumnus's father who donated the trophies, are given each year to four of the team's most exceptional members based on a vote of their teammates. Here are the 2013 winners:

Most Improved: Justina Leo ('15)
Justina started sailing toward the end of her freshman year, and started crewing women's varsity, and even some coed varsity, sophomore year. I may be a little biased as she was my crew, but she is one of the most dedicated team members and became a truly awesome crew over the course of the year! She will be serving as treasurer and we expect a lot out of her in the coming years.

Most Dedicated: Gabriel Monti ('15)
Gabe is one of the new captains, and certainly deserves the award of most dedicated! He has been skippering since he joined the team freshman year and sailed varsity this year. He is also one of the new residents of Treehouse Apartment 4, helping establish its legacy as a sailing apartment!

Rookie of the Year: Anoop Galivanche ('16)
Anoop was one of the most involved freshman this year, stoked on all things sailing! He is learning fast and he'll be a major part of the team both on and off the water in the years to come.

MVP: Emelia Pelliccio ('13)
Emelia was profiled last newsletter as a graduating senior, but as a recap she started sailing her freshman year and moved up to varsity crew starting sophomore year. She learned how to skipper and eventually sailed on the varsity women's team and varsity coed team as well as serving as captain for two years.

Congrats to all of this year's recipients!

high sierra regatta...

The High Sierra Regatta is becoming a tradition for somewhat-recent UCLA alumni. This year seven UCLA alumni raced Vanguard 15s along with a few other college sailing alumni and friends from the Treasure Island V-15 fleet. Former Bruins were on board three of the top five boats in the fourteen-boat fleet: Anna Schoenbrunner ('11) took second by one point, crewing for Ben Pedrick (Stanford '11); Danielle Ryan ('09) crewed for Ryan Lorence (UCSD '07) and finished fourth; and Lyzz Schwegler ('07) and Sam Wheeler ('08) co-skippered for fifth place. Neha Bazaj ('10), Danny Wudka ('10), and Martha Thompson ('10) rounded out the UCLA delegation.

Bruins and friends after the 2013 High Sierra regatta. The UCLA alumni are Danielle, Anna, and Lyzz (holding trophies), Sam and Danny (far right), and Martha and Neha (seated, center).

High Sierra takes place every July at Huntington Lake, high in the Sierras near Fresno. Hundreds of boats from a variety of classes participate. It's an incredibly fun regatta, a great chance to do some camping in the mountains, and with only three races, ranging up to ten miles long, a fairly unique format for dinghy racing. If you're interested in coming next year, email FOUST and we'll try to help set you up with a boat!

fall schedule...

Here's what's coming up for the UCLA team and the rest of the PCCSC. Please consider showing up to support the team for regattas in your area!

Oct. 5-6 | Frosh/Soph | San Diego (UCSD)
Oct. 19-20 | Stoney Burke | Treasure Island (Cal)
Oct. 25-27 | Singlehand PCCs | Long Beach (USC)
Oct. 26-27 | Women's Fall Champs | Long Beach (USC)
Nov. 16-17 | Coed Fall Champs (North/South) | Santa Barbara (UCSB/SBYC)
Jan. 4-5 | Rose Bowl | Long Beach (USC/ABYC)

gossip column...

FOUST is primarily dedicated to supporting the team, but we are also committed to the sailing team alumni community. On that note, this was a big year for a few of our alumni: Eric Chrisman ('10) is now engaged to Kellie Taylor, and Maggie Matthews ('10) is engaged to James McMillan, and Tara Misra ('06) married Trevin Stratton!

Although overdue, we would also like to highlight Bobby Gordon's ('08) recent marriage to Marina Osthoff Magalhaes. Bobby and Marina celebrated their first wedding anniversary this past month. Congrats and best wishes to all four couples!

James and Maggie, Eric and Kellie, Trevin and Tara, and Marina and Bobby.
(Photos obtained from Facebook with no permission whatsoever - sorry guys!) |