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Emelia Pelliccio ('13) and Erica Parker ('14) debut UCLA's BRAND NEW FJ at South 3 in Newport.


Dear Friends,

We've been slacking lately at FOUST, but we're back! With big news! See below for announcements about the Alumni Regatta (we have a date!), a NEW BOAT, and fundraising success. This issue includes regatta results for the first couple months of 2013 and a preview of what to look forward to for the rest of the spring, including the annual France trip.

Photo credit goes to Nora Brackbill ('13) for the action shots from South 3. We're trying something new with this issue: you can click through most of the photos to higher resolution versions. This is something we want to keep working on in the coming months.

Without further ado...

Sam Wheeler
UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2008
President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

big announcements...

First up, the Alumni Regatta! We have a date set: just like last year, it will be Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, which this year is May 26. Despite the name, this regatta is open to all friends of the team, not just alumni. Don't miss it! More info coming soon.

Alumni Regatta 2012. This could be you if you come this year! Don't worry, we're sure all your friends will be happy to reschedule the weddings they have planned for Memorial Day.

But the really big announcement in this issue is that the team just got a NEW BOAT! After a long wait - they finished fundraising in October 2011 - the boat arrived on February 8. As you can see in the photo below, the team went with a throwback blue deck for this one, just in time to make sure no one has to go through a UCLA Sailing career without sailing a blue FJ. We've been told the team has a great name lined up for the boat, but won't reveal it until the Alumni Regatta. One more reason not to miss it!

Team Captains Emelia Pelliccio ('13) and Erica Parker ('14) show off the classic blue deck of the new boat as they blanket CSUCI's wind at South 3.

Several FOUST members were instrumental in making this happen, so a huge thanks to all of you who helped out! Especially Ed Feo ('74), who really stepped up to push us over the edge for fundraising.

And on the subject of thanks, our last announcement is that the Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation has awarded the team a $600 grant to help them get to the EDHEC regatta in France, so big thanks to them too! The MAC's own John Nelson (UCLA '76), a longtime friend of the team, is a board member for SMBSF. Take a moment to check out their website and facebook page if you are not familiar with their work.

regatta recaps...

We've got some catching up to do on results. 2013 started with the Rose Bowl Regatta, which is technically the last regatta of the fall season, on January 5-6 in Long Beach. This is one of the biggest west coast college regattas, with 30 schools in attendance from all over the country, drawn by the chance to advertise their teams to the top recruits at the parallel high school regatta. UCLA took 16th of 30, but finished an impressive 7th out of PCCSC teams. Stanford won this one, with CSULB next for the west coast teams in 11th overall. In A Division, the Bruins started with Erica Parker ('14) crewing for Emelia Pellicio ('13), and then switched it up to have Erica skipper with Louise Lehman ('14) crewing. Gabe Monti ('15) and Carly Olenick ('13) sailed B Division. Best race for UCLA: 4th place by Gabe and Carly in race 3.

Gabe Monti ('15) and Carly Olenick ('13) take mark room at South 3.
(We only have photos from South 3 for this issue.)

Next up, after almost going to Hawaii for the Rainbow Intersectional but having those plans fall through, the Jeff Simon Memorial South 1-2 Regatta in San Diego. The Bruins finished 9th overall in light air at South 1 (7th for the purposes of South Series standings) with Emelia and Erica in A and Nora Brackbill ('13) and Carly in B. Gabe skippered JV A with Taylor Bacon ('15) and Natalie Dollof ('16), and Louise skippered JV B with Anoop Galivanche ('16). Nora and Gabe switched places for South 2, but facing stronger winds and an OCS disqualification in race B-5, UCLA finished 11th (8th for the South Series).

Nora Brackbill ('13) and Justina Justina Leo ('15), in boat 28, keep UCSD guessing at South 3.

The team skipped the Bryson Women's regatta this year, which worked out just fine: Saturday saw no wind and no races, and there were only four races Sunday. Stanford didn't enter a team either and they were hosting it. North 1-2, the same weekend, was equally unsuccessful. We don't say this very often at FOUST, but staying home for this one was definitely a win!

A fleet of Bruins heading downwind at South 3. Nora and Justina attack SC in 27 on the left, Zack and Taylor close in on UCSD on the right, Emelia and Erica are way out in front in the new boat.

Most recently, the Bruins debuted their new boat in Newport for South 3-4, hosted by UC Irvine. UCLA came in 7th of 18 teams at South 3, with Emelia and Erica in A and Gabe and Carly in B. There were also two UCLA JV boats for this one, sailed by Nora, Justina Leo ('15), Louise, Amy Stuyvesant ('13), Zack Chin ('14), Kimberly Alcorn ('15), and Taylor. Louise and Amy kept the varsity team on their toes by edging out Gabe and Carly for 10th in B Division. More wind blew in on Sunday for South 4, which is never good news for the undersized UCLA team this year. With gusts in the upper 20s and all JV teams taking shelter on shore, UCLA finished 8th.

Zack Chin ('14) and Taylor Bacon ('15) round some buoys that are probably not part of the race course.

Correction: A previous version of this issue listed Zack Chin as a member of the Class of 2015. Zack is planning to graduate early in 2014, after three years.

coming up next...

With a few regattas down, there are still plenty more to come this spring. The Bruins are heading up to the Bay this weekend for the McIntyre invitational team race in Redwood City. Matt Thomas ('08), currently working on a geology Ph.D. at Stanford, has stepped up at the last minute to host the team after their original housing plans fell through at the last minute. Keep an eye on @SailFOUST for team race results.

The team gets a break after McIntyre, with South 5 in Santa Barbara up next on March 23-24. This is always a tough regatta, with serious waves, current, and wind that tends to stay either under 5 knots or over 25. The UCLA sailors are nevertheless optimistic, hoping to finish the South Series strong this year. After that, it's Women's PCCs at Stanford on April 20-21. The team is hoping to hire a coach for that one, so shoot us an email if you you know anyone who is qualified and might be interested in making a little money.

We'll keep you updated on what other dinghy regattas UCLA might make it to later in the spring, but immediately after Women's they'll be boarding a plane to France for the EDHEC Sailing Cup, Europe's largest collegiate sporting event. This has been a major fundraising goal for the team, but after successful bake sales, raffles, and the grant from SMBSF, they are well on their way. They're currently putting a T shirt order together - let us know if you are willing to part with $15 for a "Proud Sponsor of the UCLA Sailing Team" shirt.

And of course, the biggest event of the year: the Alumni Regatta! Save the date (May 26), stay tuned for more info, and we'll see you all there. |