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UCLA Sailing Team alumni at Huntington Lake for the 2012 High Sierra Regatta.


Dear Friends,

Summer is always a little slow for sailing team news, but never fear, we've put together a great issue for you anyway. Read on for profiles of the incoming officers on both the Team and FOUST, a recap of the 2012 High Sierra regatta, where UCLA alumni made a strong showing, and the Team's race schedule for the fall.

One event to make sure you mark on your calendars is the new-this-year PCCSC Afterguard Regatta at San Diego Yacht Club on September 29 and 30 [date corrected from earlier version]. The event will be sailed in FJs and J/22s and is open to alumni of any PCCSC school. FOUST Secretary Danielle Ryan ('09) has volunteered to coordinate a UCLA team, so email FOUST if you want to be a part of it. Teams can also be mixed and matched combinations of alumni from different schools. FOUST Team Liaison Billy Edwards ('12) and recent grad Anna Schoenbrunner have offered to host people in San Diego.

We have also traditionally held an alumni tailgate at the Stoney Burke Regatta at Treasure Island. This year, that regatta takes place on October 13 and 14. The final regatta for the Treasure Island Vanguard 15 fleet is the same weekend in Tomales Bay, so ironically, a number of our Bay Area alumni who participate in that fleet would be unable to be at Treasure Island for the tailgate. Please email FOUST if you would like to do an alumni event at the regatta, and we'll gauge interest and figure something out.

Stay tuned for more news as the racing gets started this fall. While you're waiting, there's not better way to start the new season than by paying your FOUST dues or donating to the team...

Sam Wheeler
UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2008
President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

team officer profiles...

By Billy Edwards ('12), FOUST Team Liaison
[Editor's note: Billy alone is responsible for the content of this section...]

Left to right: Emelia Pelliccio ('13), Captain; Erica Parker ('14), Captain; Nora Brackbill ('13), Treasurer; Amy Stuyvesant ('13), Social Chair.

Emelia Pelliccio ('13), Captain: Emelia will be beginning her fourth year at UCLA and second year as one of the Sailing Team's Captains this fall. Although born disadvantaged (i.e., on the East Coast), Emelia rectified her coastal situation as quickly as possible, deciding to come to UCLA in fall, 2009. She joined the UCLA Sailing Team with limited racing experience, but improved quickly, becoming a women's varsity skipper by the end of her second year. She got involved with team leadership immediately, jumping in to plan the UCLA team's attendance at the 43rd EDHEC Boat Cup in France by the beginning of her second year. After graduating from UCLA this coming June, Emelia is considering attending medical school. When she isn't sailing, she enjoys throwing other people's mattresses out of windows onto the street and watching the Yankees lose.*

* Emelia notes that Billy misspelled "win" in this sentence.

Erica Parker ('14), Captain: After serving as the team's Treasurer last year, Erica decided she was ready to take on more responsibility and was elected to the second Captain position. Erica is an incredibly talented and versatile sailor, easily adapting to skippering or crewing positions. Erica has been sailing in co-ed and women's varsity events since fall quarter of 2011 - her first quarter at UCLA! Like her Co-Captain, Erica is pursuing a career in the medical field and is taking pre-medical education classes at UCLA. When she isn't sailing, she enjoys administering IV's to friends and family and cleaning up after wiener dogs that pee when they get too excited.

Nora Brackbill ('13), Treasurer: Going into her fourth and final year at UCLA, Nora is excited to finally hold an official leadership position on the team. Nora joined the Sailing Team three years ago with little sailing experience, but a lot of enthusiasm for learning. She has become a key part of the program and a veteran of the EDHEC Boat Cup. Nora is majoring in Physics with hopes of pursuing an advanced degree. When she isn't sailing, she enjoys throwing physics parties and shouting in German.

Amy Stuyvesant ('13), Social Chair: This year marks the historic third year of Amy's reign as the Social Chair of the Sailing Team. Joining the team with limited experience, Amy has improved incredibly, crewing for women's varsity and co-ed varsity teams as early as her freshman year. Amy is going into her fourth year at UCLA, majoring in Geography/Environment Studies. When she isn't sailing, Amy enjoys grabbing things from high shelves for people who can't reach and staring blankly into space.

Left to right: Louise Lehman ('14), Technology Officer; Zack Chin ('15), Recruiting Chair; Gabe Monti ('15), Safety Officer; either Zack or Gabe in a captain's hat.

Louise Lehman ('14), Technology Officer: A computer science major, Louise is the perfect person to fill the role of "Tech Chick." Louise joined the sailing team during her first year and was quickly snapped up as a crew by co-ed varsity skipper Oscar Jasklowski ('11) who saw her talent. The experience she gained sailing with the varsity fleet will certainly pay off as she learns to skipper this year. When she isn't sailing, Louise enjoys debugging and compiling computer code.*

* Louise objects to this profile on the grounds that it makes her sound like a total nerd.

Zack Chin ('15), Recruiting Chair: Another coastally-challenged team member, Zack originally hails from New Hampshire. He joined the Sailing Team at the beginning of his first year after realizing how much better sailing is than rowing and quickly became one of the most promising recruits, crewing several times for the co-ed varsity team. After going for a swim when his skipper dumped him in the water at Rainbow Invite in Hawaii, Zack began the transition to a position as a skipper. Zack is pursuing a double major in Communications and English. When he isn't sailing, Zack enjoys discussing revolutionary-era American literature over a warm cup of coffee and competing in beard styling competitions.

Gabe Monti ('15), Safety Officer: A Southern California native, Gabe learned to sail on dinghies and keelboats as a member of the Sea Scout Ship 16 Islander. As a first year Bruin, his experience immediately made him a valuable crew and his familiarity with the Racing Rules of Sailing allowed him to start skippering regattas as early as the end of fall quarter. Gabe is pursuing a degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (MIMG). When he isn't sailing, he enjoys catching snakes, impersonating President Lincoln, and getting mixed up with his teammates. His favorite phrase is "Four score and seven--I'm not Zack! I'm Gabe..."

high sierra regatta recap...

By Danielle Ryan ('09), FOUST Secretary

Last year, Lyzz Schwegler ('07) convinced Sam Wheeler ('08) to join her as she re-visited a phenomenal regatta from her childhood sailing days - the High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake in... somewhere eastish of Fresno, CA. After Lyzz and Sam won the Vanguard 15 fleet in 2011, the mountain fever spread this year, and yet another UCLA Sailing Team tradition was born. Eleven sailors, five Vanguard 15s, 1.5 campsites, 7000 feet of elevation, three races (of multiple MILES!), and two sweet wooden trophies made for a truly memorable summer regatta weekend on July 7 and 8.

The regatta consisted of three races over two days, each spanning multiple hours and miles. Both days were marked with great wind, approximately 15-20 kts throughout the afternoon, and plenty of sun. Hundreds of boats participated in 15 fleets, so naturally the view was phenomenal all weekend for both competitors and spectators alike.

UCLA alumni and friends at the High Sierra regatta. Standing: Billy Edwards ('12), Danielle Ryan ('09), Carmen Bozina ('11), Ben Pedrick (Stanford '11), Lyzz Schwegler ('07), Halie Kampman ('09). Seated: Sam Wheeler ('08), Morgan Glier ('11), Ryan Lorence (UCSCD '07), Anna Schoenbrunner ('11), Neha Bazaj ('10).

The best results came from mixed crews of UCLA grads and alumni of other PCCSC schools: Ben Pedrick (Stanford '11) and crew Anna Schonbrunner ('11) achieved a phenomenal 2nd place, and Ryan Lorence (UCSD '07) and crew Danielle Ryan ('09) placed 5th. Lyzz Schwegler and Sam Wheeler came in 7th, Halie Kampman ('09) and crew Neha Bazaj ('10) placed 9th, and Carmen Bozina ('11) and crew Morgan Glier ('11) took 12th. Great job to all! No doubt the current alumni involvement in the Treasure Island fleet and team racing series helped tremendously as we all transitioned to Vanguards, and we were thrilled to extend the UCLA sailing team welcome to our visiting PCCSC comrades.

Hardware! Lyzz and Sam with the 2011 first place trophy, Ben and Anna with the 2012 second place trophy, and Ryan and Danielle with the 2012 fifth place trophy.

Special thanks to the Treasure Island Vanguard 15 fleet for loaning us the necessary boats and trailers, to Dan Brandt and Richmond Yacht Club for loaning a massive triple trailer, to Billy Edwards ('12) for reprising his role as Team Dad and campsite watchman, and to the College Campground rangers for allowing us to pack such a lovely yet oversized group into their sites. We're looking forward to next year already, and would love to expand the head count and make the UCLA Sailing team name a fixture at Huntington Lake in the years to come.

foust officer profiles...

By Danielle Ryan ('09), FOUST Secretary

Sam Wheeler ('08), President: Sam joined the sailing team immediately upon arriving at UCLA. In the four years that followed, Sam essentially majored in the UCLA Sailing Team, serving as Coed Varsity skipper for three years, Captain for two years, and earning the MVP and Most Dedicated Pacheco Award twice. Sam graduated from UCLA in 2008 and left a spectacular legacy to the current team, which we memorialized in the form of the tiller extension from Makai, the boat which carried him through a very successful college sailing career. He currently resides in Berkeley, completing his final year of law school at UC Berkeley (Boalt), and still drives the bright blue Subaru of so many legendary regatta road trips.

Lyzz Schwegler ('07), Vice President: Lyzz found her way to the UCLA Sailing Team midway through her freshman year, and devoted the remainder of her time in college to building the team - through not only recruiting efforts, team leadership, and an excellent record of Co-ed and Women's Varsity competition, but also with fantastic baked goods and peerless sailing-related crafts. After serving as captain for two years and collecting the Pacheco Award for Most Improved and Most Dedicated, Lyzz graduated in 2007 and has remained active in alumni-related activities. Lyzz founded a production company and backed fellow alum Bobby Gordon's ('08) one-man show "Debbie Does My Dad" all the way to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. She now resides in San Francisco and works for DPR Construction when she's not sailing Graceland, her Vanguard 15, around the Treasure Island summer series or practicing yoga.

FOUST Officers 2012-13: Sam at the 2012 Alumni Regatta, Lyzz sailing on San Francisco Bay, Danielle helping the team with their trailer at St. Francis, Neha sailing on Santa Monica Bay, and Billy going for a swim in the Marina del Rey channel.

Danielle Ryan ('09), Secretary: Danielle joined the sailing team in the beginning of her sophomore year after zero years of previous sailing and a very convincing welcome BBQ. The rest, as they say, is history, as she spent the next three years crewing for Co-ed and Women's Varsity. After graduating in 2009, she followed her love of English literature and sailing to Scotland, where she completed a master's program and sailed for St Andrews. She currently lives in San Francisco and works at a translation company with a tantalizing view of Treasure Island.

Neha Bazaj ('10), Treasurer: Neha's introduction to the UCLA sailing team came in the form of a trial by fire at the 2007 St Francis regatta. A lesser lady and sailor may have been daunted by a Varsity competition in the fierce winds and competition of the San Francisco bay in her first weeks of sailing experience, but for Neha this was only the beginning of a spectacular relationship with the UCLA Sailing Team. She remained a Varsity crew until her graduation in 2010, and she has since relocated (like many of the rest of her fellow officers and alumni!) to the Bay Area, residing in San Francisco, working for a non-profit through Americorps, where she manages community farming programs, and sailing Vanguards at Treasure Island.

Billy Edwards ('12), Team Liaison: Billy Edwards, our newest alumnus as well as our newest FOUST officer, arrived at UCLA in 2007 and quickly jumped into the team with both feet. In his five years with the team, he served as Varsity skipper, two-time Captain, and helped to pioneer the team's efforts at Match Racing PCCs and the international EDHEC Regatta in France. His recent graduation served as an opportunity for the team to collect a series of hilarious tales and photos for a farewell montage, to mark Billy's dedication to his team. Billy has just relocated to San Diego to pursue a mechanical engineering PhD program at UCSD, and pursue his love of sailing in Mission Bay. He remains a Bruin at heart.

Billy was also featured in our most recent issue, in a profile written by Oscar Jasklowski ('11).

fall regatta schedule...

Sept. 29-30: PCCSC Afterguard Regatta (SDYC)
Oct. 6-7: Frosh/Soph (UCSD)
Oct. 6-7: March Race Eliminations (TBD)
Oct. 13-14: Stoney Burke (Cal / Treasure Island Sailing Center)*
Oct. 19-20: Women's Singlehand PCCs (USC)
Oct. 20-21: Men's Singlehand PCCs (USC)
Oct. 20-21: Women's Fall Dinghy Championships
Oct. 27-28: Match Race PCCs (UCI)
Nov. 2-4: Singlehand Nationals (USC)
Nov. 3-4: Laser Invitational (UCSD / Mission Bay Yacht Club)
Nov. 10-11: Coed Fall Dinghy Championships, aka North/South (UCSB / SBYC)
Jan. 5-6: Rose Bowl Regatta (USC / ABYC)

* Be sure to email FOUST if you would be interested in attending an alumni BBQ at Stoney Burke!

Pre-start maneuvering at the 2011 Stoney Burke regatta. |