FOUST Newsletter
APRIL 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction / Alumni Regatta NOR / Regatta Results / EDHEC

Team members and alumni on the UCLA boat at the Course Crosiere EDHEC in France. From left: Oscar Jasklowski ('11), Gabe Monti ('15), Erica Parker ('14), Justina Leo ('15), Allison Skager ('15), Billy Edwards ('12). Photo credit: Morgan Glier ('11).


Dear Friends,

In this issue, we have a Notice of Race for the Alumni Regatta, spring regatta results including Coed and Women's PCCs, and a quick recap of the Course Crosiere EDHEC - UCLA's annual voyage to France for a major European college keelboat regatta.

We're hoping to see all of you at the Alumni Regatta on Sunday, May 26 (Memorial Day weekend). If you RSVP on facebook or send us an email, we'll be sure to have food for you. This will be the fifth year of the present incarnation of the alumni regatta so let's make it the best yet!

Giant thanks to FOUST Secretary Danielle Ryan ('09) for putting together most of the content this month, and to Morgan Glier ('11) and FOUST Team Liaison Billy Edwards ('12) for photos and content edits.

Sam Wheeler
UCLA Sailing Team, Class of 2008
President, Friends of the UCLA Sailing Team

alumni regatta notice of race...


Location: UCLA Marina Aquatic Center (14001 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA)

Format: As with years past, we will try to run open rotation fleet races early in the day to determine teams for evenly-matched team racing in the afternoon. Courses will depend on conditions and participation.

Entries: All are welcome. Please RSVP using facebook or send us an email. We call this the "alumni regatta" mostly out of tradition - we would love to see parents and other friends of the team out on the water too!

Entry Fee: FOUST and current team members - no charge. All others - $15 at the door. (If you have not yet paid 2013 FOUST dues, please do so here.)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

10:30am: Report and Registration
When the Wind Fills In: First Start
All Day: Food, Beverages, and Good Times
Finish by 5:00pm

After Racing: FOUST annual meeting to elect officers
After Meeting: Fleet dinner at the Schweglers' house! 4153 Cedar Ave, Long Beach.

Lodging and Transportation: If you would like to share a ride from a major California city, or need a place to stay, contact FOUST and we'll see what we can do.

Rules: This regatta will be governed by the rules in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016. Mostly.

Yes, we used this one in the last issue too.

regatta results...

Since we've last seen you, the team has been busy! Most of our sailors have been spending their last few UCLA weekends the best way possible (aka traveling up and down the state for sailing!) Here are the results for the last few regular season regattas, as well as the 2013 conference championships:

10th overall at the Jeremy McIntyre Team Race Invitational in Redwood City
Emilia Pelliccio ('13) & Carly Olenick ('13)
Erica Parker ('14) & Allison Skager ('15)
Gabe Monti ('15) & Justina Leo ('15)
This was a tough regatta for the Bruins, with a number of close races that got away from them, but a win over UCSD in Round 2 was a bright spot. Matt Thomas ('08) stepped up to host the team in Redwood City.

17th of 26 overall at the South 5 Designate, Santa Barbara
Var A - Emelia Pelliccio & Erica Parker - 17th
Var B - Gabriel Monti & Carly Olenick - 18th
JV A - Nora Brackbill ('13) & Justina Leo - 22nd

17th of 27 overall at the St. Francis Intersectional, San Francisco
Var A - Emelia & Erica [1-2, 5-6, 9] / Gabe Monti & Louise Lehman ('14) [3-4, 7-8] - 17th
Var B - Nora Brackbill & Justina Leo - 16th
B Division beat USC in a tiebreaker. FOUST President Sam Wheeler ('08) hosted the team in Berkeley.

Misadventures with a trailer wheel on the way to St. Francis. This should bring back memories for anyone who was on the team in the fall of 2004...

The results at South 5 and St. Francis may not look like much, but they were enough to propel UCLA to coed PCCs. These two regattas are the South and North "designates" - in order to be eligible for the conference championships, a team must attend both of them. (This ensures a larger turnout than for the rest of the South and North series qualifiers.) It was looking like UCLA would be edged out by Cal State Channel Islands and Arizona State for the final qualifying spot, but since the Bruins made it to St. Francis and those teams did not, UCLA made it to PCCs.

11th overall at Patagonia Co-ed PCCs, San Diego
Var A - Emelia Pelliccio & Erica Parker - 8th
Var B - Gabriel Monti & Carly Olenick [1-6] / Louise Lehman [7-11] - 11th
Congrats to Emelia and Erica on taking 2nd in race 8! Also a big thanks to Jed Olenick, father of Carly and a generous supporter for the team, for helping out running the regatta.

6th of 8 overall at Patagonia Women's PCCs, Redwood City
Var A - Emelia Pelliccio & Erica Parker - 4th
Var B - Nora Brackbill & Justina Leo - 7th
The team captains held onto second place in A Division for most of Day 1, but dropped a couple spots by the end. Congrats to Emelia and Erica for a bullet in race 13 as well as a few 2s, and Nora and Justina for 2nd in race 14!

Huge congratulations to our Bruins on qualifying for the Patagonia Co-ed Pacific Coast Championships! And well done to our ladies team as well - note Emelia Pelliccio and Erica Parker pulling double duty on both Co-ed and Women's Varsity. These results demonstrate excellent efforts by our senior sailors, and with such strong representation from our newer recruits, we have high hopes for the team's growth over the coming semesters and seasons.

edhec regatta (france)...

Team UCLA under sail in France. Photo credit: Morgan Glier ('11).

In other exciting news, members of the UCLA Sailing Team just got back from competing in the 45th Course Croisiere EDHEC - an international regatta held off the Atlantic coast of France - for the 6th (!) year in a row since 2008. Run entirely by business students from Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (EDHEC) in Lille, this unique event invites both French and international university students to participate in a week of networking, festivities, and, of course, sailing. This regatta has become a huge team-building tradition for UCLA as it requires year-long fundraising efforts, and allows current sailing team members to both race with alumni and form relationships with other international teams.

Billy Edwards ('12), Oscar Jasklowski ('11), Kassandra Klaritsch ('10), and Gabe Monti ('15).

This year, UCLA's boat consisted of alumni Billy Edwards ('12), Oscar Jasklowski ('11), Kassandra Klaritsch ('10) and current team members Erica Parker ('14), Allison Skager ('15), Gabriel Monti ('15), Justina Leo ('15). Three more alumni - Megan Sullivan ('10), Morgan Glier ('11), and Scott Ford Barber ('11) - teamed up with students from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to fill a second boat. From April 19th to 27th, these UCLA sailors joined students from around the world to compete in a week of rigorous and fun competition out on the water.

Congratulations on yet another year of international UCLA Sailing representation! Billy Edwards (our FOUST Team Liaison) is in the process of writing up a more detailed take on the regatta, and we look forward to getting more photos and stories from this fantastic event when the team gets over their jetlag.

Bruins and friends at EDHEC. From left: Taylor Fielding (QUT), Erica Parker ('14), Adrien Hausammann (Switzerland), Billy Edwards ('12), unidentified QUT sailor, Oscar Jasklowski (11), Gabe Monti ('15), Morgan Glier ('11), Scott Ford Barber ('11), Kassandra Klaritsch ('10), Justina Leo ('15), and Allison Skager ('15). |